MEI's Steel Frame Material Package Special

Has your home or business been damaged or destroyed by Fire, Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Hurricane, or Tsunami? Do you want to repair or rebuild your home or business with stronger steel framing? If you answer yes to these questions:

MEI offers you all the Custom Steel Frame Materials you need to repair or rebuild your home or business for 5% above MEI's
material costs
(does not include shipping or tax where applicable).

The quote for your steel frame material packages will be calculated off of your Engineer Sealed Drawings. This offer is not just for individual home and business owners but is extended to entire communities that have been devastated by these events.

Keep Your Family And Employees Safe...

Is your home or business located in an area prone to severe storms that generate hail, high velocity straight winds, Tornados or Hurricanes?

Medford Enterprises, Inc. (MEI), specializes in designing and supplying material packages for Custom Steel Frame Storm Shelters for your home or business.

MEI's Custom Steel Frame Storm Shelters are engineered to carry wind loads of: 250 mph and live loads of: 125 pounds per square foot.

Protect your family and employees by installing a Custom Steel Frame Storm Shelter in your home or business today.

Residents In Hawaii Urged to Build Storm Shelters



CUSTOM Fabricated Steel Frame HOME MATERIALS

 Medford Enterprises, Inc. (MEI), offers affordable custom steel frame home material packages. Our packages are designed to withstand high winds, heavy rains, snow, and be fire, earthquake, and Termite resistant.

  • Your plans or ours
  • Standard wind loads of 120 mph.
  • Manufactured and shipped directly to most jobsites
  • Galvanized 2" x 4" - "C" channel studs & track
  • Framing includes exterior & interior walls, roof trusses, and window & door frame materials ready for erection on your foundation
  • MEI Contractor & some local erection crew referrals available
  • Custom steel frame material quotes are on an individual basis

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Medford Enterprises, Inc. (MEI), designs and offers affordable Steel Frame Storm Shelter  material packages. Our shelter packages are designed and engineered to offer "Near Absolute Protection" for occupants for the duration of a "High Wind Event" such as Hurricanes, Tornados, and high velocity straight winds.

MEI's Storm Shelters are designed with:

  • Galvanized steel frames
  • Galvanized steel sheeting
  • Pressure treated plywood sheets
  • FEMA 320 - 14 gauge steel storm doors
  • Wind Loads: 250 mph
  • Live Loads: 125 pounds per square foot
  • All custom models to meet your needs



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Custom Commercial Steel Buildings


Custom Steel Material Packages can include:

  • Single or Multi-storied structures manufactured from your plans or ours
  • Steel rigid framing only with "Red Iron" or "Hot Dipped" Galvanized iron
  • Can include optional light gauge Galvanized steel frame materials for exterior and interior walls
  • Exterior S3000 coated steel wall & roof panels
  • Steel canister roll-up doors (optional sizes)
  • Steel man doors (optional sizes)
  • Windows (optional sizes)
  • Insulation packages
  • Mezzanines (attached or free standing)
  • Steel pan decking (for light weight concrete on upper floors, stairs, and landings)
  • Gutters & downs
  • Custom steel frame material package quotes on request


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